Here is a list of my favorite vendors that I've worked with personally, and highly recommend for their attention to detail, their reputation, and how amazing they are towards their clients.  


Jade Entertainment 
Joe Garcia is a wonderful, smart, energetic human being.  I have worked with him numerous times over a decade and his music has always been spot on and he knows how to throw a party.   No dead spots.  No blackouts.  No issues, ever.  He will rock your party flawlessly.   He has a wonderful personality, his staff is on point, and he's ridiculously kind. The DJ and your music is almost EVERYTHING for your wedding. Hire the right one.  
Contact:  845.380.4207.  On Facebook as "Dj Joey D with Jade DJ Entertainment. 


This one was so hard because there are so many wonderful, talented artists out there but here are my favorites, hands down.  These are the people I worked with over the years numerous times, the people I've watched during the process of "getting ready" and who I appreciate the time they take with their clients, client feedback I hear from them after the girls leave or even after the wedding.  The bottom line is,  they all have one thing in common:  On the day of your wedding:  It's about you and your bridal party and no one else.  

LaTua Bella Beauty Bar 
Megan Martino is the owner of La Tua Bella Beauty Bar based out of Rhinebeck NY.  She and her staff are like whimsical little magical creatures that will swoop in with all the glitter and happiness, work their incredible magic and then swoop right out.  They do both hair and makeup, and can be reached at 845.876.2826.  Also on Facebook under La Tua Bella Beauty Bar.  Instagram:  LaTuaBella_Beauty 

Barbara Sassos with Artistry By Barbara
Barbara has so.much.talent coming out of her ridiculously beautiful pores.  Her work is absolutely stunning and I am obsessed with the gorgeousness she creates on anyone's face. She is a beautiful human and her happiness is so infectious ... you will just love her.    To check out her work: on Instagram.  Email:  [email protected]    

Hair by Carolina 
Adoration, love, and respect is what I hold in my heart for these girls.  You will not find anyone more humble than Carolina and since birds of a feather flock together, her girls are exactly like her.   They are brilliant at what they do,  they are so talented and they are the the nicest group of girls you will ever meet. Carolina can be reached on Facebook under Hair by Carolina, and 845.514.2458.  

For the guys:  Hands down, the best Barber Shop Experience you will find anywhere within 100 miles.  Step into his shop and you're instantly transported into some other era of time.  Mike is the owner, he's cooler than anyone you will ever meet and talented like crazy .. He also expects the same from his staff.  They pay such crazy attention to detail like nothing I have ever watched. They have two locations in uptown Kingston.  The Main Street location is a walk in, Sideshow on N. Front Street is appointment only.  Call or stop in if you have a group.  Mike does things old school, so if you do have a group, make an appointment online first at the Sideshow.  The website is: 845.481.5843.  NOTE:  Make your appointments early .. ie:  2 months early.  


Creative Frame Productions:  Ethan, Ian and Alec are three dudes who are killing it.  They have an amazing work ethic, they're funny and their talent really comes out in the videos.   It literally took me 5 minutes to decide I liked them.  They are very professional, they are quiet like little church mice, and you won't even know they are there.  They are on Facebook under Creative Frame Productions.  




Your pups are going to be part of your wedding and you need a pup-sitter or attendant?  Contact Erin at The Traveling Leash (Also on IG under thetravelingleash  845-234-7030 and they can assist! 



Heather Kinkade Events -   Her tag line is "Memories begin with a Vision" and she will make that happen for you.  Heather is amazing at what she does, and she's a nice person to boot.  She is really on point with all the little details, and I've even watched her do alterations to a dress last second.   Check out her website and give her a call.  !



Maria Cabrera Alterations, Albany Avenue Kingston NY.   There is no one else better at what they do than Maria.  845.514.2108