Purchased Gift Certificates:
Gift Certificates are available for sale in any denomination.   They are good from one year from date of purchase.  I generally book out 3-4 months in advance so please plan accordingly.  If we schedule a session and you can not make it or need to reschedule I will do my best to accommodate you.  The expiration date on purchased gift certificates are a basic guideline, I understand that sometimes things happen and a reschedule might need to happen.  Just communicate with me and we'll make it work.  

Donated Gift Certificates: 
I love living in the Hudson Valley and I try and support as many agencies as I possibly can within reason.  However, I must enforce the following rules on any gift certificate that was either given away as a door prize or won at auction:    Most importantly, you generally have a year to use the gift certificate and the expiration date is final.  Please respect this. I must be stringent on this because if I am not, I am still honoring gift certificates 2 years after I donated them.  Again, I book out 3-4 months in advance so please plan accordingly.  If you are on the schedule and can not make it and I do not have any room left because it's at the end of the year, I can not schedule you for the following year.  Any gift certificates donated to an agency as a door prize, photos, and downloaded images are not included.  Auctions will be on a case by case basis and indicated on the gift certificate.  Any gift certificate won MUST be presented at the time of the session. I do not keep track of the gift certificates I donate, therefore can not honor any gift certificates that were lost.