When I first met Brianne, she was a recruit in the police academy while I was there photographing day 1. Day 1 is pretty much the worst, intense bootcamp x100 you can ever imagine, and it was clear from day one this girl had what it took to get through whatever was put in front of her. She might have been one of the few who didn't puke. And not only is she tough, but she has a super awesome sense of humor and wit, and she's just happy. About everything. Fast forward a few years and she meets this really awesome guy Joe who is pretty much the most perfect guy she could have ever found to spend the rest of her life with .. and the next thing you know they're hitched and having a baby. And I can't forget about her 11 year old, Taurus. Taurus has been with her since forever, he went to college with her, has visitation scheduled with the grandparents, and he is clearly in love with her, too. I love this whole family, and I can't wait to meet bebe!
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