Matthew Shumway(non-registered)
Ken Palmer from KPD who is a mutual friend of mine referred me over to you. I would like to discuss having you come down to Long Island to do my wedding. My number is 6316624595
Rebecca Dumas
Tamme, what a phenomenal job you do!!! You captured such stunning and amazing candid shots of our family and we have these memories to cherish forever! We are so thankful and forever grateful that we had an opportunity to have such a talented and skilled photographer like you to do our first family photo shoot!! We are recommending you to everyone we know!!
Roy Brueckner(non-registered)
What a great compilation of your work! Just beautiful!
Unlike other photographers who concentrate on portfolio works, I think you do differ a bit from them. The frames you have selected for shooting some of the images did really impress me and literally blew my head.
Michele Anderson
I finally made up my mind about which pictures to order. Still, I can't thank you enough for your beautiful work. I get choked up every time I look at them. You captured my girls' very essences. And now we have them preserved in print FOREVER! THANK YOU!
In the thousands of times I have been on here I just realized I never signed your guest book!! What can I say about you and your work??? AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, BREATH TAKINGLY TALENTED!! Def my most favorite DAILY stalk!!!
Ed Robinson(non-registered)
Tamme, congratulations on your incredible success. Your work is beautiful.
Tamme, Reisa and I couldn't be happier about the gorgeous photos you created for our wedding. Thank you so much for committing our beautiful memories to eternity!
Dave Massimi(non-registered)
Tamme, your photos are incredible and clearly reflect the awesome talent you have! i guess maybe "poignant" would be the most accurate word, as they go WAY beyond typical portraits. "intimate" comes to mind too (but not in the usual connotation). i have never seen photographs with such emotion in them.
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